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Drawings on Paper

Charles Billich, Australian Contemporary Surrealist artist, is well known for his drawings on paper.  Often working in pencil and charcoal, Charles Billich drawings focus on Dance, Nudes and Sports.

Many of Charles’s drawings have been shaped by his early life as a student dancer with the Opera de Ballet in Rijeka. This early career in dance has shaped many of Charles Billich's drawings which  depict beautiful form and position. These drawings are loved by Billich art collectors.

Equally loved by Charles Billich collectors are the Australian Contemporary Surrealist artist’s nudes. Depicting beautiful female form, often with elements of Surrealism, Billich’s nudes are highly sought-after by collectors in Australia, China and Europe.

The recipient of the 2000 Sport Artist of the Year Award presented annually by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives, Charles Billich is also highly prized for his sports drawings, which often focus on Billich’s love of horse racing and Formula One motor sports. These drawings are highly prized in areas such as Monaco where Grand Prix motor racing is a national obsession. Charles Billich has a Billich Art Gallery in the city of Monaco to cater for this demand.