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This unique package starts with one masterpiece in the form of a diptych or twin paintings. From these paintings, Billich works with an emerging Australian 3D animator to create a digital animation; moving and blending the images and joining and re-joining the parts.

The digital art is known as NFT 22.01 or “Journey of Flat Earth”, the first of many creations. Like the world which people thought was flat, Charles imagines that, back then, the Earth was not flat like a pancake, but rather it was a cube. Like a non-fungible token, created from nothing, assumed to be the shape of a coin, but now capable of being anything. Unlike other digital art, the animator does not need to create the imagery from a blank canvas. It is the opposite. There is already a canvas with unlimited content. The outcome must be seen to be believed.

There is no start and end to the “Journey of Flat Earth”. It follows the path of Flat Earth throughout the cosmos. There is homage to the environment and the mass disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is the randomness of the movement of other shapes within the Cosmos. The Journey of Flat Earth is designed to raise many questions and provoke thought.
It is the imagery and visuals which excite.

"With oil, you write a book, with a drawing, maybe a page, at best a chapter, I now want to write a movie, using my paintbrush”. - Charles Billich

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