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Billich In Our Community

Having donated a considerable amount in 2017 alone, the Billich family has been a keen benefactor to many charities for a great many years.

A generous contributor to charities such as the AIDS Foundation, Brain Cancer and the Leukaemia Foundation amongst many others, Christa and Charles Billich take great pleasure in supporting both local and international charities.

“We don’t like to say no to people. Whether that’s in the form of money or a limited edition artwork, we don’t like to turn people away.”
says Christa Billich.

A dedicated animal lover, Christa Billich personally has also been a keen benefactor to many charities that deal with animal welfare issues, such as animal cruelty, animal adoption and animal conservation.

“I have been a long-time supporter of the RSPCA, the Sydney Pound Animal Shelter, Taronga Zoo and Monika's Doggie Rescue, a fantastic local charity which has no government funding.”
says Christa Billich.
Charlie Billich and his friends
Christa and Charlie Billich having fun
“These animal charities are all very close to my heart.”
says Christa.

Besotted with dogs, Christa has three of her own dogs; two Chihuahuas and social media sensation Charlie Billich, an adorable and highly sociable Chihuahua-cross Pomeranian.

Christa also has adopted five rescued Moon Bears, which are currently being rehabilitated in Animal Asia Foundation, a bear sanctuary in China. Christa has raised a cub, Murphy and many others there at the sancturary. Unlike the panda which is highly revered in Asia, the Moon Bear is an endangered species due to the illegal and inhuman framing for the bear’s gall-bladder bile, a byproduct thought to be a cure for everything from bruising to cancer.

“I make sure that my adopted bears have been given the right food and medicine. I like to know that I am doing something to help these poor animals.”
says Christa.
Christa and Charles Billich with dogs