THE BILLICH VISION – Billich Gallery


“We want to blend the world of traditional art with the new world of digital art. We start with a unique offering of one package from both streams of these worlds, but this art is not from just any artist.
Billich is “one of the most important living artists in the world and at age 87 is one of the most credentialed artists of all time”.
Now for the first time, the dreams hidden behind the two dimensions of his paintings are revealed, as the digital animator ventures under the canvas and brings it alive.
As a further feature, the purchase of this package of art is protected by the emerging proof of provenance provided by a non-fungible token.” Billich now enters a new era, breathing life and movement into his artworks and embracing the new culture of the youth; NFT's.
As Einstein said; "the fate of the old one, recognises the culture of the young".
Our project is called Non Fungible Token or as Charles calls his first collection - “Journey of Flat Earth”.
Billich, as the traditional artist who creates the masterpieces is inspired by the thought that his art will be brought to life in full 3D motion.