Portraits – Billich Gallery


Charles Billich, Australian Contemporary Surrealist artist, is well known for his portraits, which are hung in some of the most prominent buildings in the world, including the White House, the United Nations Headquarters and the Vatican.

Many of Contemporary Surrealist artist Charles Billich’s portraits have been commissioned by well-known figures and famous celebrities, some of which can be seen hanging in the Billich Sydney Art Gallery in Sydney’s The Rocks area, or the Billich Galleries in Beijing China, and Monaco.

Private sittings for portraits are able to be booked through the Billich Gallery. Truly an experience of a lifetime, those sitting for a portrait will gain invaluable time with contemporary surrealist artist Charles Billich, as well as gain insight into the famous artist’s portrait work. Most thrilling, the portrait sitter will come away from the special experience with a timeless and precious Billich portrait.

To coincide with the relaunched Charles Billich website, The Billich Gallery has announced an exciting Star in A Billich Portrait competition where Charles Billich fans will have their chance to star in their own Billich portait. The winner will be invited to have their portrait sketched by Charles Billich at the relaunch party in August. For details of the Star in A Billich Portrait, go to the competition page here.