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Swinging seniors still going strong

Swinging seniors still going strong

Artist Charles Billich and his wife Christa have been together for 30 years, but their marriage has lasted in spite of him having sex with the photographer on their wedding day.

Mr Billich's art can sell for over $1 million a painting and the couple own several luxury properties across Sydney.

Popes, governments and corporations are among those who collect his works.

But the couple's marriage got off to a rocky start, with Mrs Billich admitting her husband "cannot be faithful".

Mr Billich admits that on their wedding day, he "had an affair with the social photographer".

"Love morphs into friendship sometimes, that's the way I look at it. We should be friendly to each other, loyal, even though unfaithful to each other - that's irrelevant," Mr Billich told A Current Affair.

"We're not beige people," Mrs Billich added.

Despite the rocky start and challenges throughout their marriage - which is Mr Billich's fifth - the couple are still going strong.

At 81, Mr Billich is not ready to slow down, either.

"I'm only a young man, so I have plenty of future in front of me and I can achieve anything I like," he said.

"People at my age go into a decline... but I have a strong feeling I am still improving in my older age."

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