Sabre Sundays Champagne Launch at Billich Gallery

Sabre Sundays Champagne Launch at Billich Gallery

Sabre Sundays Champagne Launch at Billich Gallery

On Sunday the 7th of October The Billich Gallery threw an exclusive private party to launch the #SabreSundays Challenge co-hosted by the Bubble Sisters (

Sabrage is the art of opening a bottle of Champagne with a sabre or ceremonial sword- a tradition first started by Napoleon, who would use his sword to open Champagne with flourish after a battle.

There is no doubt the trend of Sabrage has taken the world by storm. The #SabreSundays Challenge is all about teaching people to sabre safely with flair and finesse (no more #sabragefails!) and showing off your skills.

#SabreSunday all started when the Bubble Sisters taught then challenged a couple of friends to sabre after showing them how to do it. Those friends accepted that challenge and then passed it on and so the #sabresundays challenge was born.

For those who needed an excuse to open a bottle of Champagne - #SabreSundays is your reason to crack a bottle on a Sunday. Once you’ve learnt to sabre- you’ll never open a bottle of Champagne the ‘normal’ way again.

The Bubble Sisters recommend that Champagne is best for sabrage success over sparkling. This is because Sabrage is all about pressure, making Champagne the superior choice with 8-9 atmospheres of pressure vs. 3-4 in sparkling or prosecco.

On the day of the event the Champagne was free flowing (including Rosé Champagne served with fried chicken!), and over 45 people did their first successful sabre under the guidance of Bubble Sisters amongst the beautiful art of Charles Billich. The man and woman of the hour- Christa & Charles also partook in the #SabreSundays Challenge with much finesse (as would be expected!)

A 100 glass Champagne tower topped off the event, with golden magnums of Moët & Chandon poured by the Bubble Sisters.

View the Sabre Sundays Champagne Launch at Billich Gallery