New Billich Painting: Distancing Brings Closeness

New Billich Painting: Distancing Brings Closeness

Charles Billich unveils his latest painting: Distancing Brings Closeness 

Some perform the Pandemic Dance. 

Some are singing the

Covid lament. 

Others are playing the

Viral Rhapsody. 

Virtual virtuosos waiting for the bug to go away!

I enjoy painting flights of fancy. But also the realities of isolation at my top floor 

home studio: intruders like lorikeets, cockatoos kookaburras and crows land without asking Big Brother!

Some even on my heads. I love my birds as much as Hitchcock loathed them!

Soon the buskers and opera singers will return and birds will not be the only ones to fly. 

Meanwhile I let my fantasy fly and I dream of the resumption of the follies of our pre19 world. 


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