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Christa Billich stars in Channel 10 TV pilot

Christa Billich stars in Channel 10 TV pilot

Christa was recently featured on a reality tv pilot, My 80 Year Old Flatmate, which premiered during channel 10's pilot week among other shows like Crazy Rich Asians. The show premised on the idea that millennials looking for a place to live, would be trialed and tested by Christa in order to determine whether they would be a suitable house guest to share the Billich residence. A lot of laughs and some inspiring moments shared between Christa and her two trial guests, Stuart and Chippo, the show is a must watch for anyone wanting to take a peep into Christa's fun-filled and (often) crazy life in Darlinghurst, Sydney. 

Christas youthful outlook on life and adventurous spirit enabled her to gel well with her 20 year old counterparts: "A lot of people my age say they can't understand 20-somethings, that they have nothing to talk about, they are too different – it's just not true. They may express it differently, but they have the same goals. We all want, basically, to be happy." (Sydney Morning Herald). 

You can view the show on Ten Play here, and take a look at some of the clips via Christa's social media channels:



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