Billich to launch iconic painting of Beirut – Billich Gallery

Billich to launch iconic painting of Beirut

Billich to launch iconic painting of Beirut

Charles Billich is set to launch his latest artistic masterpiece, dubbed Beirut Dreaming, at the end of November at Billich Gallery in the Rocks. The landscape oil on canvas is Billich's homage to the city of Beirut, a celebration of the rich tapestry that is the Lebanese culture, arts and vibrancy of the Middle East. Inspired by the history of Lebanon and the social milieu of Beirut particularly, this piece is an uplifting dialogue for the local Australian and indeed, international Lebanese community. 

“I have always had an interest in cradles of civilisation and Beirut is eminently one of those", says Charles. "It (Beirut) is one of the most coveted focal points on the Mediterranean. In Beirut you have old relics from the past which remind you of the Phoneticians, of the Turkimans, of the Europeans, within the framework of Modernity, progress, technology, creative and artistic architecture. The typography of Beirut is very suited to Modernity, nautical sports and combined with the ideal climate, Beirut is the Mecca for tourism and pilgrimage. With this painting, I want to encapsulate the various cultures (of Beirut) the hope of having the a catalyst for peace amongst the people of all different ethnic groups. I already see Beirut as a symbol of harmonious coexistence between people , who in alternation, display great patron and affection for the fellow man, and a certain amonisty. Long live peace in Beirut”

Please contact Billich gallery for a private viewing before the painting is moved to an exclusive private collection at the end of November.