Australia Day 2016 – Billich Gallery

Australia Day 2016

Australia Day 2016



I am proudly representing Australia as an Australia Day Ambassador, for the fifth year in succession. 

This year it is my privilege to be in the city of Orange, in New South Wales.

Australia is a unique country in many ways.

Australia is an experiment in progress.

Australia is built on progressive ideas of economy, ethnicity, faiths

And governance.

I’m so proud to be chosen for the Australia Day Ambassador program.

I feel privileged to be an Australian citizen.

Probably the issue of basic and somewhat archaic sense of nationalism

Is in permanent transcendence.

We in Australia prefer to be builders of nationhood rather than dogmatic patriotism.

We prefer the ideal of cohesive statehood to mere, and at times divisive, chauvinistic activism.

In Australia we live for an ideological model, which is the synthesis of the best democratic thoughts.

We believe in emancipated and civilized ‘behaviouralism’.

We Australians believe foremost in freedom, harmony between all groups, and love for our fellow citizens.

We must not allow distortions of any sort pollute the purity of our intentions.